I actually like the new minnie mouse look. I say this because I am very much into fashion i actually brought a couple of shirts from forever 21’s minnie mouse collection. However, i do not feel it was necessary for them to toatally change her whole image completly. Everyone loves and are farmilar with the classic mickey and minnie mouse who doesn’t. It’s cool if forever 21 is trying to try something new with their clothing collection they just didnt have to completly change minnie mouse appearance. I feel they tunred her into a modern day betty boop and adding a bit of sex appeal to her. Anyone who grew up or knows about minnie mouse knows that she isn’t known for sex appeal.

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Bringing Up Adultolescents

What are adultolescents?
Adultolescents are young adults who depend on their parents to support them. Most adultolescents are young adults who are still in college or just graduated from college that move back home for finical reasons.
Do adultolescents exist?
Yes, adultolescents still exist to this very day. In the article Bringing Up Adultolescents gave multiple examples of adultolescents throughout the article. For instance, in the article Silvia Geraci moved back home after graduating from college thinking it will be a good idea. But in reality she depending on her parents for money they were basically supporting her. Silvia felt out of place because all of her friends were doing well for themselves not having to depend on their parents for money, while Silvia did.
What has caused this situation?
What causes the situation are parents babying their children for longer then what they need too. When parents do this it gives the impression to the child that their parents will always be there for them and support then as if they were still a young child. In paragraph number five it talks about how most adultolescents don’t have the desire to hit traditional benchmarks such as independence and marriage. The job market also plays a part in it as well because lately a lot of college graduates haven’t had much luck finding jobs in their field. So have of the time they end up with retail jobs or jobs that aren’t in their field of study.
Do you think it is a good or bad situation?
The situation is a good thing if the young adult moves back home depending on the situation. For example, if the young adult moves back home just to save up enough money so that they can move out on their own and start to support themselves. The situation is bad when the young adult moves back in with their parents don’t set any goals for themselves and expect for their parents to support them when needed.
What should be done about it?
The way this can be prevented is by parents teaching their children starting around high school how to be independent. For instance, managing their money and letting them know about the many responsibilities of being an adult. Also the parents should set rules and or standards for when the children plan to move home. The parents should let it be known that if their young adults want to move back home, that they are going to treat them like the adults they are. This doesn’t mean the parents can’t help out when needed, it just means they won’t support them all the time.

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Ehrlich-O’Malley Debate

Claim: The claim that was made in the debate was an objective claim. In the O’Malley-Ehrlich Debate the main argument in this debate was how Maryland’s economy is failing. Both O’Malley and Ehrlich spoke on how small businesses help our economy grow. However, Ehrlich stated that in the state of Maryland we haven’t created any net new jobs within the past four years. He also was talking about how unemployment has been increasing which happens to be a huge problem right now. O’Malley also agreed that small businesses have an effect on Maryland’s economy. He goes on to say that two-thirds of all the jobs created in our state are by small business. Unlike Ehrlich, O’Malley disagrees with how we have not created any net new jobs. O’Malley states that over 33,000 net new jobs have been created. He also talks about how increasing the biotech tax credit and creating the invest Maryland fund will help our economy for the better.

Data: Both Ehrlich and O’Malley use life experiences and facts to support their claim. O’Malley stated that he supported 200 business people throughout the state of Maryland. Also he goes on to say that we have to keep creating jobs so we can dig ourselves out the hole that we have dug. Ehrlich stated in the debate that he believes in job creation and that is how the National Federation of American Business is for job creation in the country. He went on to talk about how the state of Maryland has broken state agencies that have increased to business and business in our state. Ehrlich also said that if Maryland was to get a healthy private sector that would help us as well.

Warrant: In the Ehrlich-O’Malley Debate the warrant in this claim was to help Maryland’s economy grown and also supporting small businesses. Ehrlich is fighting for our economy to grow and for our no net jobs which are known as the small businesses to grow as well. O’Malley was saying that how the jobs are important and how he plans on not to raise prices for college tuition along with tax fees.

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Easy A Critic


The judgment that the critic Stephanie Merry was portraying in her review on the movie “Easy A” was she felt as though the acting was good but the plot of the movie was phony. I would say this review was in the middle on being favorable, for the simple fact that the writer stated that she was impressed with the actor’s performance but not the movie itself. The criteria for this evaluation is that Merry liked the actors but the movie was not all that too her. I say this because in the first paragraph of the review she stated in a sentence saying “Enhanced by a wicked sense of humor, Will Gluck’s movie does what Hughes did best, showcasing characters with personality who make you wish you had them on speed dial.”  She also compared the characters to the actors in “Ferris Buellers Day Off” and the main Character Emma Stone to Juno. The way the critic supports her evaluation on the movie plot was she stated in the last paragraph of the review that towards the end of the film started to become a bit unbelievable. She also stated that “ the movie has collected more plot points than the movie could handle” which is why i believe  she thought it made the movie a little phony.

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Stew “Black Men Ski”

I thought this video clip was very intertaining and funny. I also questioned some of the stuff he said with his “poem/song”, but i guess you have to a really good sense of humor and or dry sense of humor to really grasp the whole song. 

The main point/argument i believe that Stew was trying to get across was how people sterotype the black community, so i think he puts it into a humorous waythat so people can realte and or see the main point he tries to relay.

If i was to ever meet  Stew I would tell him to keep doing what he is doing. I liked his song he was nice and like i stated before i feel you have to have a really good sense of humor and or dry humor to really grasp or catch on to the whole point of the song. I say that because someone who doesnt have a good sense of humor or n open mind to things might have take that the wrong way or thought it was boring/ingnorant.

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“Statement By The Alabama Clergymen”


The main issue and or concern in the in the Clergymen letter was to convince the Negros to stop the protest and take their battles to the court room. For example this is a quote taking from the letter “we further strongly urge our own negro community to withdraw support from these demonstrations and to unite locally in working peacefully for a better Birmingham when rights are constantly denied a cause should be pressed in the courts”. The clergymen felt there were other options for the Negro community to get their point across other than non violent demonstrations.

The main “argument” I the clergymen were making in the letter Statement is the traditional argument. I chose the traditional argument because it is more so of a single perspective. The way the argument is shaped is in Audience and purpose. My reasoning for audience is because the clergymen were writing to inform the reader on their view point on why the Negro community should stop demonstrations and take the issues to court. I also chose purpose because the clergymen were writing to convince the reader that taking their problems to court and or a higher power was better than non violent demonstrations.

The intended outcome of this statement was for the African American community to stop protest of all kinds and let the courts handle it. I believe the clergymen wanted this to happen because of all the media that was being shown of the whites doing such horrible stuff toward the blacks during the demonstrations it was making the state of Alabama look bad. That is what I believe the intended outcome of the statement was.

I did not find this statement convincing. If I was a citizen of Birmingham during this time I would have not been convinced either. I would have not been convinced because back then during the civil rights movement it was very hard for black people to get their voice across let alone looked as an “equal” to white people. I feel as though the non violent sit inn’s and walks were the best things to do for African Americans back then. The clergymen were trying to come across in the statement that going that taking out issues to the courts and or a higher power would be a better course of action, when in reality it wouldn’t be. Back then if African Americans were to take the this issue to court they probably wouldn’t win or the courts wouldn’t be fair because of the color of their skin. That is why I didn’t find this statement convincing now or if I was a Birmingham citizen back then.

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